All of our cables are 12m long as standard, but we can supply custom lengths upon request. We can also supply adaptors and extenders for various standards of film and video equipment

Inputs And Outputs

HD Video Output:
4.5 GHz rated cable, terminated in Lemo waterproof and BNC connectors with mating socket in housing


Monitor Output:
Video feed and power signal for Scubacam's underwater monitors


On/Off Input:

Required to use both our On/Off pistol grip and the Modular On/Off Grip

Price to be determined

Power Input:
Twin 2.5mm2 power cable with Lemo two pin waterproof and three pin XLR connector. Mating socket and camera power connector in housing for 24v power, with a 12v version available

LCS Input:
Five wire cable terminated with Lemo connectors. Mating socket and connector in housing. Preston, Arri LCS, C-Motion and Scorpio versions are also available

Alexa RCU-4 Input:
Ten wire cable terminated with Lemo connectors for using Arri RCU-4 unit with the Alexa camera. Mating socket and connector in housing

Ethernet Input:
Eight wire twisted-pair cable terminated with an RJ45 at both ends

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