The Inclomonitor is an innovative concept of a small TFT monitor mounted on the side of a camera crane arm which rotates to give the grip optimum viewing angle at all times.

The rotation ratio is adjustable to ensure that the flat front of the monitor faces towards the grip at all times, regardless of the movement of the arm.

​Attached to the rear of the crane arm by K clamp and magic arm, and powered by 12 to 30v, the unit could not be easier to use. Simple control switches allow the monitor angle to be adjusted to the ideal initial viewing angle, another adjusts the ratio at which the monitor rotates. There is also a push button to reset the monitor to the central vertical position.

The Inclomonitor is a collaboration between three specialist companies and is offered for sale or rent for use on any camera crane and will work with any TFT up to 9". 

Inclomonitor: £585
Noga Black Anodised Arm: £115
Manfroto Super Clamp: £22
5m Cable Loom (power & video): £60


RED Epic On/Off Switch

When used with our standard pistol grip, this small electronic box provides a 3.3v rising or falling edge to start and stop the Epic camera.

Requires a 10 - 30v feed for operation.

Can be used with any other momentary switch as a trigger.

RED Epic On / Off Switch: £185


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