SCU-50 with a complete kit of accessories


The Scubacam product range of splash housings are designed to be operated just above or just below the water surface, or in an environment which is very dusty or dirty. The camera operator has almost unhindered access to the camera and lens functions


The Scubacam splash housings are made from very hard wearing and robust polyurethane high tenacity polyamide and are sealed with a specialised watertight zip made to the U.K. M.o.D. specifications for sealed zip fasteners. They are welded to the housing making a 100% watertight seal. The clear PVC windows allow the user to view the camera controls and displays. All the joins and seams of the unit are double stitched and taped both sides for added security
The housings are manufactured from anodised aluminium frameworks that support the black polyurethane bag, and rigidly attach the camera to any external rig, be it a tripod or crane

Scubacam splash bags require minimal tools to install, operate, and remove the camera assembly - Nothing further than a screwdriver to install the slide plate onto the camera body. All further adjustments are designed to be done by hand


They are rated watertight to a depth of four metres

We have a large range of housing support and electronic accessories, perfect for any and every underwater filming scenario. If there is anything else you require, feel free to contact us
SCU-50 with an ARRI Alexa 35 and Signature Prime 18mm
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