The SCU-30 (Formerly the Alexa) is Scubacam's longest housing for large form factor cameras, such as the ARRI Amira, the ARRI Alexa, the Phantom Flex4K and the RED Ranger



Base price: £2695



Compatible with all our Rigging & Support accessories, and customisable with any required Inputs & Outputs



A recommended configuration can be found here for this housing


The SCU-30 is Scubacam’s largest housing, originally intended to fit the then-new ARRI Alexa, but it remains popular for it's large internal clearance for more modern cameras built in larger rigs such as the ARRI Alexa 35, Mini or Mini LF, the RED DSMC2 range or Sony Venice.


The 120x150mm optical glass front port is big enough to accept all common lenses with a front diameter of up to 120mm, which covers all but the largest of zoom lenses and widest of primes.


There is plenty of space around the lens once installed to accommodate a 3 channel lens control system when using an LCS input; and with 700mm of internal clearance gives plenty of space for long lenses, large camera bodies, and most other accessories found on a typical camera rig.


While smaller cameras fit, due to the increased weight of the SCU-30 we recommend the SCU-50 for smaller rigs. 



Black polyurethane coated onto a high tenacity polyamide webbing, and heat sealed to clear viewing windows




1 x 78cm zip which conforms to the U.K. M.o.D. Interim Defence Standard 53-100/1




Length: 700mm

Height: 280mm

Width: 250mm






Front Port


120mm x 150mm x 6mm flat optical glass port, coated with a non-stick polymer


Height to match 19mm studio rods with an ARRI standard dovetail plate


Leak Alarm


9 volt tone generator maximum output 95db


Dump Valve


Apex low profile automatic




Maximum front diameter is 120mm



Optional pistol grip on/off with matching input


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