Displayed with an ARRI Alexa SXT and a Cooke S4/i 35mm

The SCU-30 (Formerly the Alexa) is a large housing for large cameras, such as the ARRI Amira, the ARRI Alexa, the Phantom Flex4K and the RED Ranger



Base price: £2695



Compatible with all our Rigging & Support accessories, and customisable with any required Inputs & Outputs



A recommended configuration can be found here for this housing




Black polyurethane coated onto a high tenacity polyamide webbing, and heat sealed to clear viewing windows




1 x 78cm zip which conforms to the U.K. M.o.D. Interim Defence Standard 53-100/1




Length: 700mm

Height: 280mm

Width: 250mm






Front Port


120mm x 150mm x 6mm flat optical glass port, coated with a non-stick polymer


Height to match 19mm studio rods with an ARRI standard dovetail plate


Leak Alarm


9 volt tone generator maximum output 95db


Dump Valve


Apex low profile automatic




Maximum wide angle is 14mm



Accessible through optional fingerstall in side of housing. Optional pistol grip on/off also available


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