Modular Frame Style Handle System

Not currently available, release expected soon

Displayed with an SCU-50 and a Rosette Mount Grip




Our Modular Handle System is a versatile system that integrates a cage style system to any of our housings. The standard 9mm spacing of 1/4" and 3/8" threaded holes means third party accessories can also be used on the system


With space for four standard ARRI rosettes, two lifting eyes and 43 threaded holes, there are an incredible number of configurations for this system




Basic Frame


The main structure of the system that attaches it to the housing, providing all the mounting points for the other components





Side Mount Grip


A standard grip for the modular system, providing only a vertical orientation





Rosette Mount Grip


A grip mounted on a ARRI rosette for angled mounting at any of the four locations



On/Off Grip


Similar to our On/Off pistol grip, this can be used as an external method of starting and stopping recording


Requires a On/Off input installing in any housing you want to use it on, included in the price

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