Rigging And Support



On/Off Pistol Grip:

Momentary switch action to externally start and stop recording. Includes an On/Off input installing on the housing



Air Jet System:
For blowing water from front port when breaking the surface, in spray or in rain. 3m coiled hose connects to a diving bottle and a valve controls air flow




French Flag:

Flag which mounts onto top of Front Port

Handle System:

"Wrap-around" or "Moose Bar" options

"Wrap-around" vesion includes lifting eyes and 3/8" threaded hole


Modular Frame Style Handle System:
Based on the "Wrap-around" handle, but with 12.5mm spacing of 1/4" and 3/8" threaded holes. Combined with space for 4 Arri rosettes, a multitude of accessories can be attached to any housing rig. See more details, compatible parts and prices here


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